Newly Laid Marble Floor Diamond Polishing With Epoxy Treatment - Prices - 45 - 65/- Per Sqft
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Newly Laid Marble Floor Diamond Polishing With Epoxy Treatment - Prices - 45 - 65/- Per Sqft

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Newly Laid Marble Floor Diamond Polishing With Epoxy Treatment - Prices - 45 - 65/- Per Sqft

If you're looking for top-quality marble floor polishing services, look no further than our newly laid marble floor diamond polishing with epoxy treatment. Our prices range from 45 to 65/- per sqft, making it affordable for all customers. Our process begins with the use of diamond pads such as M75, 30 & 60 to remove any unevenness and lippage on the surface. Then we fill in any gaps and cracks using a mixture of high-quality marble glue, grout, and epoxy 5010 gel. Once filled in, we smooth out the surface by grinding with pad number 100 which removes excess filling materials while creating a smooth finish.

To ensure that your flooring is completely restored to its original condition, we apply Epoxy 1005 which fills and restores all pinholes and cracks that may have occurred over time. Finally honing the floor with different types of pads up to 3000 No. ensures an ultra-smooth finish after powder polishing & crystallization at last! All these steps result in a polished finish that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our skilled professionals utilize cutting-edge techniques coupled with years of experience to deliver superior results every time. We understand how important it is to maintain a clean appearance when it comes to flooring; therefore, our team works diligently until your satisfaction level reaches new heights.

Don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to restoring your valuable marble flooring investment – choose us today!

Marble Floor Diamond Polishing  With Epoxy Treatment Process:

Grinding with pad number M75 to remove lippage and make the floor even. 
Floor grinding to remove deep scratches using pads/grits 30, 60, & 100.
Cleaning the floor to remove the slurry from the cracks & joints to prepare for the filling. 
Joints & Cracks filling with Surie Marble Glue ( If required )
Epoxy treatment to close the pinholes, and small cracks & strengthen the marble floor.
Grinding with Diamond pads 100 or 200 to remove the extra epoxy & abrasiveness of the floor.
Smoothing the floor using pads 400, 800, 1500, and 3000.
Polishing & scrubbing with Klindex KP85 Powder to make the surface smooth and shiny.
Crystallization with Taski Terranova to enhance its gloss & penetration to close the pores of marble to avoid stains. 

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